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Siling Pansigang and Pechay Challenge Days 1-5

I'm an intro person. Meaning hanggang intro lang ako. 😅 Hanggang simula lang ako. I start to do stuffs then I eventually forget about it. I think I've started so many things but haven't finished any of it. In planting, I tend to sow seeds, then leave it be. Auntie's watering the plants every day so hinahayaan ko na lang siyang isama sa dinidiligan yung mga tinanim ko. Some of it germinates, but eventually dies. We were able to harvest pechay before while we left the okra hanggang matuyo na yung mga bunga but we were not able to plant its seeds hanggang sa mamatay na rin yung halaman. The eggplant bore some fruit as well, pero nahayaan lang ding mabulok. I'm really bad at maintaining, while auntie blames the seeds. Sinasabi niya pangit daw yung seeds na meron ako, while I think it is the soil that is not compatible with the seeds. For experimentation, I planted Pechay last February 26 along with the seeds of sili pansigang na ako mismo ang nagpatuyo. I brought it to

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